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“Many hands...make ART work"

In 2013, Art Is...You will celebrate its 7th anniversary.  Many alumni will return to the East Coast for their seventh year and will be joined by some wonderful new and friendly faces. 
As we shared in our first year, the vision for Art Is...You had been growing in the souls of a number of east coast artists and it grew wings in 2005 when they all got together and decided to make it a reality.

In 2013 we celebrate by our THIRD year on the West Coast with Art Is...Petaluma.  We are thrilled that so many are returning and bringing their friends.

AND EXCITINGLY in April 2013 we introduce Art is...NASHVILLE into the Art is...You stable of Art Retreats

Our philosophy is to create a moment in time where artists, whether they be faculty or students, can come together to share in their passion for creativity. To create, self nourish, replenish personal creative resources and to nurture not only individual souls but the souls of those around them. Whether creating something is part of your daily routine or indeed the closest to creating has been using a glue stick – there is something for everybody.
In the last five years words of joy and, tears of happiness have been shared . Friendships have been forged and we have witnessed lives changing.

In the words of one of our attendees:

The entire weekend surprised me at every turn. I struck up some friendships, people genuinely admired my creations and I felt like I belonged. Here I was among very creative women, some of whom I had felt intimidated by because of their creativity and self-confidence and yet I felt like I belonged. I learned new media, new techniques, discovered new places in myself. I felt confident, self-assured. This never happens to me!

In the words of one of our esteemed faculty:

The people who attend your event - love you for your attention to them as individuals not just a "mass' of students. Truly, this ability you and Ellen have to keep eveyone connected not only to each other but to the two of you is unique!   It sets you apart and brings a lovely feeling of belonging to all of us.

If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to email us.
We look forward to playing a few tunes with you in Nashville in April or welcoming you amongst the vines in September or at the Flamingo races in October!

Sallianne and Ellen
Information and Decoration                  

Sallianne and Ellen are the creator’s of Art is...You

They met almost a decade ago ago when Sallianne was a student in Ellen’s Goddess class.  They struck up a friendship that has seen them travel the country taking mixed media, doll & art classes together. 

Sallianne is a native Australian who lived in New York with her Engineering husband, 19 year old daughter and 7 year old son.  In December 2012, she returned to Australia and now the Art is...You office is truly International!  With over 20 years experience in the event management market, she is able to organize everyone and everything around her.  

Her love for art began at an early age when she would learn the latest technique that interested her grandmother.  Copper art, china painting, embroidery and rug hooking whet her appetite for the future.  Lonely for company and creativity, she attended WOW C3 in NH and it was amongst this amazing group of women that she realized she had “come home”.  

Ellen lives in Connecticut with her Electrical husband and is kept busy with her large family and her many grandchildren.  From the beginning there were always crayons for coloring the stone wall and cloth to turn into some life like form. 

From fabric and necessity came her clothes, children's clothes, toys, costumes, and gifts. From paper came the cards, paper mobiles, planes and beyond.  These days Ellen loves all mixed media and most nights she goes to bed with glue and glitter in her hair.

Our aim for this weekend is for everyone – teachers and students - to come together to create, self nourish, replenish personal creative resources and to nurture not only individual souls but the souls of those around them.
Join Us.  You will be glad you did!





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